Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nest building fun!

This week in nursery the the theme is birds, so to support their learning at home I thought we could have a little nest building fun at home!  As the were a little bit poorly Wednesday (not that you would know it with their energy!!) we decided to have a stay at home pj day nice and relaxed. 

At the weekend Arthur had his birthday, and one of his presents he received was a paddling pool, so I thought this would be a great base for a nest for role play fun and relaxing/napping if they wanted.  So we covered it in old brown curtains for a more natural look, then Arthur grabbed his pillow and duvet and jumped straight in refusing to let anyone else in as it was so comfy, I then build a separate (not so good one!) for Alyssa using blankets, and they soon set about playing their own little game, making bird noises and 'flying' around looking for food. 

after this it was lunch time, and they both seemed very tired, I tried and tried to get Arthur to have a nap but to no avail, Alyssa on the other hand put up a little fight, then slept for three hours!!! So after making Arthur lie on the sofa (so he wouldn't wake Alyssa) with his duvet and watch boring mummy telly for and hour (in the hope of making him fall asleep...honest!!) I gave up on the idea of Arthur napping and sorted the nest craft for the afternoon. 

Daddy had mixed our pva glue with water for DIY purposes, which I think may have been the first hurdle in our nest creation, but we attempted to use it anyway.  Arthur had great fun layering up bits of wool and scraps of paper onto an inflated ballon, whilst he did this we talked about what birds use to make nests and how they use mud to stick the nest together, and was very excited for it to dry and to pop the balloon.

This morning Arthur woke up, and rushed to the kitchen to see how his nest was doing, desperate to pop the balloon and try and put some eggs in it.  Unfortunately when we reached the kitchen, we found the balloon had deflated over night leaving a soggy pile of wool, and a very dissapointed Arthur, so there I was at 630 in the morning, helping him use play dough as 'mud' to create a new nest, using a small bowl for support.  It was worth it though watching his face as he put some toy eggs in, and the excitement of being able to take it to nursery to show everyone.

Nice and cosy nest

Alyssa adding some eggs

Two little birds in a nest

nest building

It's getting bigger!
Almost done!

Nest take two

complete with egg!

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