Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bank Holiday Microadventure!!

Working in retail, I don't tend always get the luxury of a three day weekend, especially as one of the days I work is a Sunday.  So I decided this Bank holiday to adopt a microadventure philosophy, the general idea is that if you work 9-5 you still have 5-9 to have an adventure.  So seeing as I finished work at 430 on the sunday, and didn't have to be in work till 1.30 the next day, I thought this would be a great opportunity to make the most of the time I had rather that say "No point doing anything, I only have half a day before work!"

So I was greeted from work with Daddy saying we were having sausages on a fire pit for tea, for the make shift campfire, followed by twists and toasted marshmallows for the authentic camping experience!  Then we borrowed granny and grandads back garden as it's a bit secluded and surrounded but trees, and set up tents to camp, me and the AJ's in one, and daddy in his solo tent as because he couldn't fit in ours.

In order to be even more authentic daddy tried showing them how to light the fire with his flint from his camping equipment, shaving the wood and scraping moss and things to set alight.  After a few attempts however, daddy sneakily cheated and used a lighter!  He then showed Arthur how to cut sticks to cook the sausages on, and with a bit of supervision and help from me Arthur used a pen knife to help me cut one stick, but daddy had to finish it as our technique wasn't quite right.

Once we had our sausage were cooked twists for the first time, a camping favourite of daddy's from his childhood camping day, using a dough of flour and water coiled around a stick then cooked till it slides off then filled with jam (or marshmallows in mummies case :) )

Then it was time to go down to camp, were the kids snuggled down in their sleeping bags, got hyper, climbed in and out of the tent, listened to the birds for a few seconds, before hiding back in the tent again at the mention of possible bats.  Then the first star appeared in the sky, and the birds went quite, and we all snuggled down and eventually went to sleep at about 1030.  Luckily I packed some books and some colouring things as Arthur woke at 5, yep 5am!!!!  So I did my best to keep Arthur quietly entertained until daddy woke up at 7, then sat in peace and listened to the birds and read till Alyssa woke, whilst daddy took Arthur in to get breakfast. 

All in all we all had an excellent evening and Arthur is desperate to do this again, he even suggested the next night!  Here's to many more microadventures in the future!!

home for the night

do you think they are excited??


Toasting marshmallows

getting a bit sticky

the early morning view!!

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