Friday, 28 February 2014

Spin art!

Arthur woke up in a strange mood, not wanting to eat and not wanting to to change out of his pajamas, he did however want to paint! 

I was hoping to give him a quiet activity that was minimal mess with the aid of a salad spinner, however Alyssa had other ideas!  Arthur managed to enjoy the spin art for about ten minutes, pouring his chosen paints in, spinning the top with my help  as it was a bit tough, and being surprised at the outcome which was different every time!  Then he decided he just wanted to lie down on the sofa under a duvet and watch tv, poor little thing.  Alyssa on the other hand was full of beans, so I let her loose finger painting with some paints and at one point gave her a picture to colour in, her face however was much more appealing than the paper!! Both my children seem to enjoy covering themselves in paint, maybe they are going to be performance artists when they grow up or just covered in tattoos!  This is however a cleaner way of painting, which as the one who always has to clean up after, is always good, but some glitter is definitely called for next time.

Spinning his art!

"How do I look?"

Looking a bit cleaner!


So original!

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