Saturday, 1 March 2014

Welsh cakes!

After a lovely early morning start, thanks to a grumpy baby, we decided to get out food shop out of the way early.  by the time we got home at about half nine grumpy baby was sick! luckily we were outside and managed to miss everything but her coat.  Arthur also became grumpy and decided he wanted to just watch tv with daddy, so I busied myself with household tasks whilst Alyssa slept.

Whilst almost finished making some leek and potato soup (which amused me later when I realised that it was St David's day and leeks are an iconic Welsh vegetable) Arthur came running downstairs saying he wanted to help.  So after he helped me finish the soup, we set about with my original plan of the day to make Welsh cakes for St David's day.

Arthur helped mix the dry ingredients, then helped try and eat the butter and lard!!! finally I managed to get enough in to complete the recipe and make a dough type consistency for Arthur to roll out, and eat!  He enjoyed stamping the cutter into the dough, but kept overlapping the rounds, so I had to help out.  Then I cooked them on the griddle pan whilst he watched.

Whilst they cooled we headed out to the field, as the weather was the nicest it has been for a long time and we needed to finally check on the tunnel house, which has become very soggy with all the recent flooding and rain.  We have plans for extra drainage tunnels to be dug in to prevent any problems in any future storm.  It was a bit of a mess with weeds, and the cabbages and things we had planted all needed to come out as they had come to nothing.  But we all (minus Alyssa asleep in her pram!) rallied together, with the expert help of Granny and Grandad, and managed to tidy it all up again.  Then it was time to head home to our scrummy Welsh cakes and our usual Saturday night movie night, with a very cuddly little baby girl dozing in my arms and my little man at my feet cuddling daddy in front of a cosy fire.



Welsh cakes!! MMMMMM!

A bit of a mess!!

Getting stuck in!

Quick break for a tractor ride!!


Ta da!

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