Friday, 21 March 2014

Sweet wrapper (Grand)mother's Day cards

I decided with Mother's day approaching, I couldn't really get the Aj's to make a card for me (that's daddy's job!!) so I thought we could make some simple cards to give to Granny and Nanna instead!

I wanted something simple that they could both have a go at, so I decided to get out the sticky back plastic again, and my favourite excuse to eat lots of chocolate at Christmas, Quality sweet wrappers, it's for the children after all! I cut a simple heart shape out of a cereal box, then put the plastic on the back and let them loose in the hope it would create a pretty sun catcher style card.

Alyssa really enjoyed herself playing with the wrappers, and seemed very intrigued by the sticking of them once I had shown her what to do.  She also enjoyed exploring all the wrappers, scrunching them and looking through them seeing everything through different colours. 

Arthur was interested but only for a very short while and completed his really quickly, but with effective results.  The only thing left to do now is back the pictures with more card and write (scribble!) lovely messages on them. 

"That goes there!!"

"make sure it's stuck properly!"

"Almost finished..."

"I can see you!!"

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