Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A trip to 'Narnia'

After our Saturday night movie night film of 'Narnia', Arthur has become a little bit of a fan, watching it again the following day with daddy.   He started continuously entering the front room, sweeping his arm around proclaiming "welcome to my castle!"

So with a trip to the doctors in order for Alyssa who has been poorly again, I was looking for something to do that could easily be abandoned and then taken up again once the appointment was over.  So I set about recreating parts of Narnia in the front room.  We had 'Tea with Mr Tumniss' in front of his 'fire', meeting Aslan in his tent, the Beavers den including an escape tunnel from the wolves and the stone slab. 

I then grabbed a lovely waistcoat type outfit that was made for Arthur for Christmas (with other things given with it, it is a great home made wizard outfit), and used it as a regal gown for either Arthur or Alyssa, and Arthur's knight tunic from a previous Knights and Castles play day, he was very impressed to find Alsan on his outfit. 

Alyssa straight away was drawn to the tea set up, and played on the flute that I had left out and poured tea, whilst Arthur was more hyper and clambered in and out of the beavers dam escaping the wolves, fighting baddies, and cutting Alsan free from the stone table. I love setting up imaginative play then just watching them get on and play, especially when they play together, and include me obviously!!

Aslan in his tent

Beaver's dam inc (tiny!!) wolf

"Look mummy Aslan!!"

Cutting Aslan free

Tea with Mr Tumniss

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