Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Egg box Daffodils

The final piece of our Mother's day gift, along with our Simnel cake, and our Cards is a lovely bunch of flowers, egg box daffodils to be precise.

The Aj's both seem to really enjoy painting, it really helps Arthur to concentrate and Alyssa just likes to put the paint in her mouth more that on the paper, but also copy her big brother.  I think it also helped that we had a vase of daffodils on the table that Arthur had picked, so we were able to discuss colours such as what colour is the stem/petals.  Alyssa really enjoyed being let loose with a paint brush and part of an egg box,  Arthur was happy to attempt to paint it all over and get his hands covered in paint.  I then cut some rough petal shapes and stems out of a cardboard box, and let them paint those, Arthur wanted to paint more and more but we didn't have enough egg boxes so I then just let them both paint freely for a while as they were enjoying themselves so much.  The whole thing may mot be completely covered in paint, or look very neat, but it was made specially and that's what matters most!

"Need a touch more paint!!"

'Can't quite pick this up!'

"Ah got it!'

Free painting

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