Thursday, 12 March 2015

When they are no longer babies...

Apologies in advance for this slightly soppy, emotional ramble of mine!!

This morning my youngest, my baby girl, showed me she is no longer a baby! After waking up, she asked me to go to the toilet, and her nappy was dry!!  That to me means she is ready to begin potty training properly, I was hoping to hold it off till spring for various reasons, mostly warmer weather, meaning it's easier to let her run around with less clothing, and lets face it quicker drying washing!  But I also realised this morning, that it was also to give me more time with my baby, because lets face it only babies wear nappies, when she's is in pants she's my big girl! 

It's tougher when it's your last, well planned last, as someone who likes equal things, if I had another I would have to have one more to balance it out, and I don't think Daddy would cope with that!!  Everything is the last time, the last "first day at nursery/school," the last "first shoe fitting" the last "first food taste", the last of so many firsts.  Today brought to me the realisation that, soon, I will change my last nappy, soon I will no longer have a baby! (although all children will always be babies in their mother's eyes! Even if they are 40!)

But it also means another thing, it means WE'VE SURVIVED!!!!  The sleepless nights, the constant crying, the multiple nappy changes before you even manage to finish your first cup of luke warm coffee of the day.  All of us survived with some of our sanity still in tact, although with Arthur especially there have been some close calls, tasting Taybrite, burning his hand on the hob, falling down a flight of concrete steps with him as a baby and witnessing him fly through the air!!  But they have made it through, WE have made it through.

Already the first few months are like a distant hazy memory, and soon even the potty training will be too, or the first day of school, before I know it I will be having to deal with friendship break ups/make ups,  relationship problems, exam stresses, teenage temper tantrums, and the potty training will have seemed so easy in comparison!


I don't know!! Is anyone every ready?? Does is matter if i'm ready?? If I am or not it will all still happen! Each stage will always seem the hardest at the time, until the next one right?? So I need to not worry about the future, or live in the past.  I need to just deal with NOW, and right now I need to get on with the potty training, and supporting my little girl (SOB!!!!) through this big developmental stage she is going though!!

I can get through this, WE can get through this! Wish me luck!!

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