Sunday, 7 July 2013

4th July

As you know I like to use holidays as easy them ideas, so 4th July was an all American theme!!
Starting the day with pancakes, peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch and Hot dogs and wedges for tea.  Our first activity was baking some buns, or "mix mix" as Arthur calls it, one of his favourite activities. I experimented by separating the mix into three and adding food colouring  so we had essentially red, white and blue layered buns.

Then it was up to the playroom for painting, the night before I had cut out a liberty bell shaped stencil from an old cereal box, and cut blue card and red card into half each of stars and stripes for some gluing fun, I cunningly sellotaped the leftover card from the stars back together and also created a star stencil for him to paint with.  I also made templates for a liberty crown and torch from Buggy and buddy but just used card for the crown as we were out of paper plates!  The best part is the stencils didn't get ruined and ended up going in "The Folder" for next year, so less work for me!

Our final activity was just making marks on paper creating fireworks, simple spirals for catherine wheels, dots and swooshes, a great start of for pre-writing. And the whole day reinforeced his colour knowledge and he learnt where America and home is on his map in the bedroom.

Getting carried away

Snack time

Drying in the bath

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