Saturday, 6 July 2013

Canada Day

I like to try and link activities to events and holidays if possible in order to inspire me and have something new to talk about with the children, build a sense of theme with colour, food etc.  As well as building a sense of the world and other cultures, and a little mix of geography!

The 1st of July is known as Canada Day, so on the Sunday before, as we were out all day on the 1st, was a day of Canada themed activites.

Food wise I made pancakes with maple syrup (Obvious but had to be done!!) for snack time, they went down very well with cries of more!! the kids enjoyed them too!

Activities wise, I took a piece of card and cut out a maple leaf shape out in the middle so that Arthur could use a roller and stencil a version of the Canadian flag, he also then suprised me by just using it to create a picture of maple leafs. Why I hadn't thought of that I do not know, but I guess sometimes kids teach us in return! The activity works on his colour knowledge talking about the flag and also fine motor skills and creativity.

making the flag

getting creative


The final outcome

I also talked to him about beavers and created a beaver mask for him to colour to work on his mark making/pen control skills, which lead nicely into our next activity of dam building using sofa cushions and a blue rug for a river.  We took it in turns pretending to be the river and bursting through the dam! I wonder sometimes who enjoys these activities more me or him as I am such a big kid at heart! This activity works on physical development and tower building so mess up those sofa's and cause a little chaos!!

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