Friday, 19 July 2013

Little water blob

I recently stumbled upon the idea of how to make a water blob whilst looking for ideas on the internet, and have kept thinking how much I would love a nice grassy garden to be able to do this, and also a whole lot of plastic sheeting!  Unfortunately I have neither, but whilst the little ones were asleep I had a brainwave, I managed to knock up a miniature one using old unused rubbish bags, left behind by the rubbish collectors, when they changed companies recently. 

We had been out all morning at a play group, I was also going out, without the children, in the afternoon, so we didn't have much of a chance to play. But I was just testing out if the idea would work more than anything.  Although truth be told I did enjoy playing with it, like a mini waterbed, pushing the water down on one side and back again, very therapeutic!  I will probably try and make some more over the weekend, maybe smaller, and experiment with colours, glitter, maybe even ice and shaving foam, and other fun thing to squidge and play with! Great sensory fun, especially tipping the water from one side to the other, wobbling it in the storage box, it can also be an introduction to colours and describing words.

The blob

Arthur's turn
side view

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