Thursday, 10 October 2013

Paper plate Geese

Today we continued our Goose theme for Goose fair, we made some paper plate geese.  Arthur really enjoyed ripping and gluing the tissue paper to the goose, and Alyssa really enjoyed playing with the tissue paper also.  After we had finished making them I read Arthur the story of The Goose that laid the golden egg and used the Geese and a cut out golden egg to help bring it to life.  After that I showed Arthur how to waddle like a goose and we had fun waddling round the front room, honking really loud, making Alyssa laugh.

We then moved to the play room, where we had a whirlwind of fun and activity, ranging car driving wearing a fireman's helmet, a wonderful 'salad' for my lunch,  followed by starfish!!  Multiple cups of tea, and toast, before finishing the the morning off with a round of songs from the song sack.

Peek a boo

Concentrating hard

Yeay tissue paper!!!


The Goose that laid the golden egg

My 'salad'

The song sack

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