Sunday, 27 October 2013

Super quick Wizard outfit fun!

I thought I would get Arthur doing some gluing to practice picking up small objects, to work on his pincer grip, and get use to the idea of sticking objects in the same place as the glue.  So I cut up a paper plate, and a piece of black paper the same shape, and folded them round into a conical shape with the paper on top of the plate, and stapled together to form a basic pointed hat shape.  I then quickly cut some diamond shaped from glittery card and found some other scraps from previous crafts.

Once Arthur had finished I got his cape I made using these simple instructions, all you need is an old tshirt!  Arthur then started running around the room saying he was superman and getting me to 'fall' off the sofa so he could save me, so the wizard had magically transformed into a superhero instead, but I didn't mind as he was having fun and using his imagination 'flying' around the front room.

Basic shape

Gluing stars

Finished hat

Wizard outfit ( just need to add some stars maybe?)

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