Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Five little Pumpkins!

This morning whilst breakfast was being eaten by the two Aj’s I used the Pumpkin cookie cutter and drew some Pumpkin shapes onto orange paper, cut them out and drew faces on them, I then stuck them onto little sticks and sang Five little Pumpkins to the two Aj’s animating the cut outs to go with the voices.  I then let Arthur and Alyssa play with them for a little bit as we continued to sing the song over and over; it’s such a simple and easy song to remember that Arthur soon started to repeat bits and bobs back to me. Alyssa enjoyed bobbing along and waving the pumpkins, before trying to eat one!

I then thought, as we had people coming over later in the afternoon, and Arthur was in a particular was in a meddlesome mood, that I would distract him from causing chaos by getting him to bake biscuits with me.  That itself soon ended in disaster, with  Arthur eating far to much of the mixture than can surely be healthy, causing more mayhem than normal and making more mess than normal.  I did manage to distract Arthur for a short while with the kneading (or squashing in his case!) and rolling and cutting, however the recipe we used produced ridiculously bland, rather nasty biscuits, even though it contained golden syrup and ginger! But Arthur enjoyed making them and cutting out the Halloween shapes, so I guess that is all that matters! I just need to remember to mark the page in that children’s cook book with a big ‘do not make!'

Five little Pumpkins!

"Rolled out of sight!"

Mix mix!

Squashing, I mean kneading!


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