Sunday, 13 October 2013

The dress up boxes!

Saturday was a bit of a wasted day play wise, we were dismantling a wardrobe in the play room and organising and downsizing, with either the two Aj's under our feet, runing around pretending to hammer like daddy, or ashamed to say, watching the telly in the room to keep them still and out the way!! It is hard to think it took nearly a whole day, and that was nearly a whole day of our distracted atention, but the final out come was very worth it I believe!  Arthur now has easier access to a lot of his toys, and they are more organised.  He has a lot more freedom to see something he wants to play with and grab it!  I also have access to my clothes in my wardrobe as well so may actually start varying what I wear!  We also moved Alyssa's cot so the light fro the hallway doesn't shine in her face when you open the door and wake her up!! When we finally finished and let the children back in after a final hoover, Arthur was very happy and running around playing with this and that, finally he settled on the dress up boxes, which before have been higher up so he's not really rummaged through before.  We had great fun being dragons, robots, fireman and any number of things.  My boxes are filled with all sorts of bits and bobs collected from fancy dress party's over the years, or old clothes that I think may be used for something else.  A little imagination goes a long way, and it is sometimes not necessary to buy specially made dress up out fits! Arthur wrapped his duvet around him at one point and told me he was a lady, as well as mixing and matching bits to make up his own characters!  Before I throw out any old clothes I look at them and think, can this be a dress up outfit, or can I use the material for something, part of my hoarders charm I guess! 

New reading corner

A lot more spacious

Cowboy Arthur

Lady Arthur

Fireman Shepard??


"The sun 'll come out tomarra!"

Ganster baby

Robot Arthur

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