Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Halloween shaker and spooky bath time fun!

I wanted to continue the Halloween theme with Alyssa's play today whilst Arthur was at nursery, so after a bit of thought I remembered that in the Halloween craft box I had some table confetti, that I bought really cheap in the sale after Halloween last year.  I mixed some of this with some dry red lentils in a little pot for Alyssa to shake and look at.  Alyssa really enjoyed shaking it but some how she managed to open the tub so I soon had to take it off her, lentils and confetti everywhere!

Once we picked Arthur up from Nursery we headed to the field for our usual tunnel house Tuesday, where we replanted strawberry plants from runners.  It's amazing what you learn that you never would even think of having to learn when you have children.  I never realised that strawberry plants grow from leaves of other strawberry plants planted into the ground, having never attempted to grow them before.  I am also aware that I am started to learn facts that I would never have thought about using or knowing before as well as more nursery rhymes than I knew existed.  I also feel it won't be long before I become a fountain of knowledge on different dinosaurs like some mums I know, or makes of tractors or something.

Once we were home and dinner was finished with it was time for bath time, with Arthur and Alyssa both having eczema we have really boring baths with no bubbles as they bathe in special bath lotions, whilst running the bath I was thinking of this, and thought about how I could make their bath times a little bit more fun occasionally.  I have seen Gelli baff advertised on television before, and thought it would be great, but again the skin issues have put me off.  So I thought I would just try and create a spooky bath time theme, to tonight's bath.  I scattered the confetti into the water, and added the eyes and the spiders from the Home made slime play as well as a stretchy frog.  Alyssa reached straight for the giant eye that she favoured the other day, and Arthur wanted me to take the spiders out of the bath straight away, but liked the frog.  He also enjoyed fishing for pumkins as the confetti had all sunk to the bottom of the bath, we also talked about what the other bits of confetti were, little skulls and bats.
I just need to try and think of some other ways to make bath time a bit more interesting and fun now! 

The shaker

The only vaguely still picture I got of Alyssa playing!

The spooky bath!

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