Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Paper bumblebees

This week is Honey fair, so I decided our activities this week would be based around bees and honey.
I have a whole load of activities planned including a pollen game, making honey cupcakes (YUM!) and some fun painting!

I didn't get a chance to write this yesterday, with parent and toddler group, work and a mammoth monthly shop in the evening, before I knew it it was 11 o'clock and I had teasy, teething baby on my hands refusing to go to sleep!

So yesterday's activity was a bit of glueing practice, and introducing Arthur to using scissors.  I cut out some simple bee shapes with yellow paper, and some black strips for him to glue down.  These are being made in preparation for our pollen game later in the week,  I left Arthur to stick the pieces as he wanted, whilst I made my own, to show him what to do, and the results was wonderful. 

He then had a go at cutting the scraps of paper left over, to begin with he was holding them with two hands, then I showed him how to hold them properly and showed him how they open and close.  Whilst showing him whilst he was holding the scissors I realised it was the same movement he does for 'snap snap crocodile' when he tells me about them.  This really helped him, and soon he was making a cut then pulling the scissors away from the paper to rip it.  Obviously he has still got a long way to go, but watching him poke his tongue out in concentration and be intently focused for nearly half an hour, was definitely worth giving it a go.

After we had finished we listened and danced to a couple of bee songs Arthur Askey had a famous bee song, that we heard recently at the Eden project that Arthur and I danced too, and I found a  nursery rhyme about a Baby Bumblebee I can't find the video I found again, but Alyssa was bouncing and giggling when she heard it!


Adding the eyes and mouth

Cutting practice

Ta dah! ready for Thursday!

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