Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Honey cupcakes and honey fair

Honey fair today!

Whilst waiting to go pick Nana up at the train station the two Aj's coloured in some paper plate flowers ready for tomorrow's pollen game, it was Alyssa's first time using crayons and she did really well making a couple of marks, and trying to eat the crayon! 

Soon we were off with Nana in tow, we wandered through all the stalls looking at bits and bobs, looked at some beautiful owls; we didn't think it would be a safe idea to let Arthur hold one!  Arthur was very lucky and was allowed to sit on an emergency blood bike and have the flashing lights going, which he was very delighted about.  Whilst indoors we saw bees in a hive, a model Spitfire and a working model funfair. 

Once home we had a brief break for lunch before heading to the kitchen to make Honey cupcakes,  Arthur mixed all the ingredients together and helped me put the mixture in the cases, a bit more difficult than usual as he was showing off for Nanny and kept trying to eat all the mixture!  Whilst they were cooking we sat down to make the Icing bees to decorate, using ready roll icing and an icing pen.  Arthur did really well at trying to use the pen and made special bees for the cakes for Nanny.  We then bashed up the Crunchie to put on top and made the icing, then it was time to decorate, whilst trying to avoid a toddler sneaking a bite!

Colouring flowers

The market stalls



Model fun fair



Playing with icing

Icing the bees

Bashing the crunchies!

Decorating the cupcakes

Arthur's finished buns for Nanny

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