Tuesday, 8 October 2013

High chair fun!

A very busy day of cleaning for me today, whilst Alyssa played happily with a shape sorter, she likes taking things out of boxes and putting them back in again.   After I had finished and she had eaten lunch I remembered a game I use to set up for Arthur when I needed to entertain him and keep him in the same place.  I tied some toys to the high chair with some string, that way Alyssa could throw them off, then pull the string to make them appear again!  Arthur was a lot older when I did this with him, and Alyssa didn't understand really that she needed to pull the string to bring it back.  Alyssa really enjoys throwing things for me to give them back at the moment, and this turned into another round of that fun game, but she also enjoyed watching the toys dangling.  We also enjoyed a good old fashioned game off peekaboo and drumming on the tray.

Once we picked Arthur up and headed to the field Alyssa slept through as Arthur and I helped grandad plant cabbages and cauliflowers in the tunnel house, he helped me dig a couple of the holes and cover them back up again and also helped water the plants after.  He also found a snail crawling along and was fascinated watching it move along.

Oooh toys!

Bye bye toy!

Bye bye toy!

HELLO toy!! Yeay!

Digging a hole

Covering mummies hand, I mean the hole!

Cauliflowers planted

Watering in the cabbages

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