Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Baby and toddler Halloween party!

Today I hosted a little Halloween party for the two Aj's, we had spooky themed food and games, and also some music courtesy of a Halloween themed internet radio station.  Food wise we had phantom pizza, where I tried to shape the cheese like ghosts using a cookie cutter, but it didn't seem to work very well.  Some pumpkin oranges and ghost bananas, and petrifying pasta, using raisins, dyed pasta, grated carrot and cucumber pumpkin faces.   Arthur and I also made traditional Soul cakes which made him happy as he always likes to 'mix mix'.

Games wise we had feed the bats, a bat cave, I sewed some decorative bats into the pop up tent,  some hidden eyeball lollies and a witches cauldron, which is basically a tub filled with shredded tissue paper and little themed bits and bobs like rubber spiders, rats etc for the children to rummage into and   We also had a play dough table which seemed to be the most popular activity, leaving me with multi-coloured blobs of creativity!

Petrifying pasta!

Phantom pizza

Soul cakes

Feed the bat

The best picture of the two of them!!

The bat cave

Ghost bananas

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