Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cardboard robot

Whilst daddy had the news on this morning, they mentioned it was national cardboard day and showed children building robots, so all morning Arthur kept mentioning he wanted to make robots.  So I rummaged through the recycling and found some packaging, then turned them all inside out so that Arthur had something to decorate.  Arthur then helped me sellotape it all together and then coloured it in with his pens.  He had great fun playing with the robot once it was finished saying 'I a big robot!' He then decided the robot was poorly and got his medical kit to make him better, he also decided the robot needed to go to the toilet and placed him on the potty!  Alyssa also had fun copying her big brother and scribbling on a piece of paper.

The packaging

Inside out ready for sticking

Helping sellotape it together

Alyssa colouring

Arthur colouring

Poorly robot

Robot needs a wee

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