Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Drumming pots

It's Tunnel house Tuesday today!  Whilst Arthur was at nursery it was girly fun time for me and Alyssa, we sang some songs and practiced 'walking', (if you gently lean her from side to side a little she will lift her foot forward!)  And Alyssa watched me clean the house whilst playing with the hand held hoover, (we like to train them young in this house!) Whilst I was was washing the dishes she entertained me with some music (noise!) as she happily played with pots and spoons banging away and working out how to take the lid on and off.  It was so interesting watching her figure things out, and putting things in the pot and taking them out again, posting things through the jam funnel and banging away happily.

Once we picked Arthur up we headed to the field to the tunnel house, where we sifted the soil where the tomato plants had been to remove any stray tomatoes, and scrubbed the inside of the tunnel house walls, and generally started to prepare it for getting winter vegetables planted.  Poor Arthur got very wet and muddy whilst we walked around the field by falling into a puddle, but it didn't seem to bother him, and it didn't stop him jumping in more puddles!

The fun and games haven't stopped yet for me today, Alyssa has decided that this time of night is the perfect night to be wide awake and playing a game of drop the toy and whinge till mummy gives it back, this blog has taken me over half an hour to write so far!!

I'm helping mumy

Practising my drumming!

Does this fit in here?

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