Friday, 4 October 2013

The pollen game

Finally managed to write about yesterdays game!

Whilst Arthur was hidden upstairs, I used his bee and flower pictures against his pop up tent, to create a 'bee hive', and used his yellow ball pool balls dotted around the room to be pollen.  I then put on The flight of the bumblebee, and told Arthur to run around and find as much of the pollen as possible and bring it to the hive.  It was a chance for Arthur to run around like mad all excited screaming "me find Kollen!!"  He was a little distracted watching the musicians play the music at first, but then once I turned it off he was off as hyper as a bumble bee. 

After the game we had a message from daddy telling us a thunderstorm was heading our way, so we sat at the window watching the rain and waiting for a while, but it never came!

The hive

Collecting in the tunnel

"I found some pollen!"

Action shot

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