Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lego mini figure scales!

Whenever I ask Arthur what he would like to do at the moment, the answer is "play Lego!!" so I decided to try and incorporate Lego into our play a little bit, and with the help of Pinterest, found ways to make it sneakily educational too! So I attempted to add a bit of maths to our play a while back (apologies for the lack of recent postings, combination of computer in constant use/laziness/extra working hours/ toddler refusing to go to sleep!)

I took a spare coat hanger and attached two plastic cups to them to create a set of scales, then asked Arthur to collect a few small items, and some of his mini figures whilst I created a simple chart.   I then explained what we were doing and hung the "scales" to the door handle, popped the first item into one cup, and asked the children to guess how many mini figures they thought it would weigh.  I wrote the number down, then asked Arthur to copy it to practice it to practice his writing skills.  We then put the mini figures in the other cup, counting as we went until it balanced.

We did this a few times, before they both started to loose interest in the writing and counting and just wanted to put things in the cups and play, so at that point I left them to their weighing fun.  Arthur enjoyed it very much though and insisted on taking the 'scales' to nursery to show everyone and weigh things there!

Little does he know he practiced some maths!! ;D

The scales!!

Weighing Alyssa's hairbrush

the chart (note Arthur's lack of interest in writing lol)

Just hanging out!

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