Thursday, 11 July 2013

Frozen toys and rainbow snake bubbles

I love it when new ideas and inspiration come from an activity and things just work out!
A few days ago I had put some water in Arthur's castle cake moulds he got for his birthday, and popped them in the freezer, I made some ice cubes, including ones made with squash for a bit of colour, and finally froze two small toys in plastic cups.  As the toys were light and tended to float, the easiest thing to do is put a bit of water in first, freeze that to hold it in place, then fill the cup!  So the first activity this morning was exploring ice and freeing the trapped man and duck!  Arthur took great delight in eating the coloured ice, thank goodness I had used squash!!! And was totally in awe of the frozen toys so all the rest was left!  We rubbed the ice to free the man, blew on it, then sprayed it with water, which I had to do as his hands were too small, I did suggest the watering can, but he was more interested in watching me do it for him with the spray!  The duck we left in the sun to see what happened.

Whilst spraying the man I noticed the mist was creating rainbows in the sunshine, so I pointed this out to Arthur who loved it and asked for more, soon he got a distracted as toddlers often do, and decided he wanted bubbles.  Whilst blowing the bubbles I suddenly had a brainwave, I wonder if  I can mix bubbles and rainbows together?  A very quick (instant result!) search on Google revealed this wonderful clip about rainbow snakes on You Tube. One sock, one bottle, some food dye and bubble mix later and we are creating rainbow bubble snakes, well sort of we only had two colours, and I don't think I added enough, but in general it created an easy bubble maker for toddlers.  Definitely a summer fun must have, and I am guessing that you could just add food colouring to bubble mixture to make normal bubbles even more fun, something else I will have to try!!

Over all we had a great morning playing with ice, using describing words and learning that ice is frozen water, that is melted by the heat of the sun, so good science and language skills worked on today!  Plus I had great fun and now know I have another use for all those odd socks I keep finding too! Alyssa was asleep most of it bless her so missed out on the fun! 

Frozen toys

Melting with watering can


Poor duck

Almost there!

Bubble machine

Testing it out


Coloured bubbles

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