Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rainy day walk and treasure

I am so glad I am relatively organised and can get out of the house quickly!  I had not really planned anything specific to do with Arthur today apart from a walk in the rain somewhere, when I heard about a friend going for a walk at Cothele with some friends.  An hour and a half, breakfast, porridge on the television (the food not the old tv show!!!), loading the washing machine, dressing all of us, packing the car, strapping in the kids, I managed to arrive on time! Albeit a little flustered! Phew!

We had a lovely walk up the hill to the little chapel where the kids explored and ran around, then continued up the hill, hid under giant Jurassic looking leaves sheltering from the rain, before reaching a nice view point looking over the river Tamar and Calstock.  Then it was back down the hill for a snack, whilst I hid some wrappers from chocolate coins and a bag of sweets for a treasure hunt!

It was a lovely morning, watching them all run around in the drizzle, one of my favourite sayings is "There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing." I really enjoyed seeing them get excited about finding the treasure.  Alyssa, bless her, had a lovely sleep! But at least she was still getting some fresh air.  Arthur seems to be a bit poorly now with an upset tummy, and is having an extended sleep, so the leaves I collected whilst walking to do leaf painting will have to wait until tomorrow, when hopefully he will be better and more like his usual self.

A walk in the woods

The lone ranger

Fabulous view

Taking it all in

Hidden away

Snack time

Found the treasure!

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