Thursday, 1 August 2013

Scrapstores! A craft hoarders heaven.

This morning I finally managed to get to our local scrap store in Tavistock on Westbridge Industrial estate.  I have never been there before, and when I walked in I felt lost, not knowing what I wanted or where to look.  After a few minutes a wonderful lady came up to me and ask if I needed any help, and talked through a bit about what they had, next thing I know the ideas are flowing and i'm rummaging away, then walking around and noticing something new and rummaging again. 

You really need to have an open mind and look at thinks from a different point of view as to a non creative person a scrap store looks like a pile of rubbish, scraps of material, paper, boxes, tubes and carpet tiles!  This particular store also had some odd toys people had donated, I saw some bits that would be perfect for the AJ's to use with play doh to make people or monsters, and lots of old stencils that would be perfect for painting.  I also found a roll up keyboard that I though would be perfect for office role play. 

I also picked up some bubble wrap to experiment with bubble wrap painting and lots of cellophane sheets to create stained glass pictures. as well as corrugated card and furs.  I picked up a huge amount of stuff all for £2 for two carrier bags (plus a membership fee of £5!) There is no way I would have been able to get what I got for that price on the high street.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to use any of it today, as it was lunch and nap time when we got back, then off to granny and grandads so Arthur could go for a walk with grandad and Benson the dog.  But tomorrow should be fun. 

Cornwall scrapstore
Plymouth Play Association Scrapstore

Worth £2!!

Stencils, pebbles and legs!

Papers and furs!

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