Saturday, 24 August 2013

Potato picking

Granny and grandad returned home from a holiday in France today,  leading to a very excited Arthur, some lovely presents, including a knight and horses play set ( I sense some knightly fun tomorrow maybe??) and a much missed run around the field with Benson the dog.

So after a lovely morning at a friends birthday party, instead of being tired and falling asleep, an excitable little boy was saying "me go field now with Benson, see 'Olly'!!" So quick change and off we went following granny and grandad.  After a run around the field and a swing on the tree swing, Holly the dog turned up with her owner, Arthur likes Holly, as Benson doesn't play fetch but Holly does.  So a quick game of fetch later and we were digging for potatoes in the veg plot after daddy noticed there were still some plants left in the plot. It's great that Arthur is getting first hand experience of where food comes from,  and hopefully over time he can learn more about life cycles of plants etc and appreciate how lucky we are to have the food, especially with Harvest festival coming up, as not every year is ideal crop weather.

Fetch with Holly

The tree swing

In grandads boot

Group shot with Benson



Looking for potatoes in the mud

Wind swept Alyssa

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