Saturday, 3 August 2013

Magazine collages

I bought Arthur is first pair of scissors the other day so he could start practicing cutting.  Whilst he was asleep I amused myself by cutting out pictures from catelogues of clothes that I liked to help describe to people the kind of thing I'm looking for when I go clothes shopping next.  It gave me an idea to let Arthur practice cutting the magazine pages and glue them to make a collage,  as then it didn't really matter then what he cut or how. Unfortunately my ambitions for him were a little high as he couldn't use the scissors at all, but with a bit of practice he will soon get it, even if he has to use two hands for a little while, it still works his muscles in his hands.   So I quickly cut out some random pictures and let him pick them and glue them. 

I will have to start keeping a small box of collage pictures for him and some old magazines to practice his cutting, as he seemed to enjoy it and practiced his word knowledge telling me what each picture was.  We didn't do it for very long though as we are a house of poorly people today and he just wanted snuggles on the sofa, as did I really.  Alyssa also had fun playing with the magazines, a great way to start a lifetime love of books, practicing turning pages and looking at all the pretty pictures, and the odd taste as well of course!



Missing the page

Finished piece

I want that one!

Peek a boo!

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