Saturday, 17 August 2013

Playdough mats and pasta threading

Arthur woke up this morning climbed into our bed and then was suddenly very ill, so out of nowhere i'm up changing bed sheets and cleaning all before my morning coffee!  I decided that my idea of papier mache and home made instruments was probably not a good idea any more, so needed a quiet low energy activity for him to do.

Thank goodness for play dough!! I have seen on many different blogs the idea of play dough mats, but having none available, I decided the next best thing would be for me to place some printed colouring sheets into a plastic wallet and let him use them.  I drew a basic face shape for him as well to make features for, and made a ball of play dough and put strands of spaghetti into it with some dry pasta to thread, so all of these things and his other bits and bobs kept him quiet and still for the morning.  He had great fun making snowmen, half man/birthday cake creations as well as really concentrating to thread the pasta, all great for fine motor skills and imagination. 

Mummy's example

The other sheets

Arthur colouring with play dough


Using the tools

Half man half birthday cake

Eye can see you!


A little light reading for Alyssa!

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