Sunday, 4 August 2013

Toilet roll tunnels and ball play

All is not well with mummy today, feeling poorly and little energy to be to active entertaining the two Aj's today, so I took inspiration for a recent post I found via Pinterest (my new best friend!!) Ball maze by A happy wanderer.  I gathered some toilet rolls from my hoard of recyclables, and some string and tied the rolls to the fire guard, I mentioned I have no energy and couldn't face spending ages making a proper one, just for Arthur to destroy it as he always tends to do, bless!  We don't have any balls small enough to go through the toilet rolls, and pompoms don't really roll, so I thought I would use his hot wheels cars.  He instantly took to it, watching them drop though, and showing off to Alyssa, who sat happily exploring one of the cars.  It only took him about five minutes for him to pull one of the tubes off so I'm glad I didn't spend too much time on it!  He also enjoyed lining up the cars and answering my questions about the colour of the cars and counting the cars, any excuse to practice language and counting!!

After he lost interest, I encouraged him to play ball with Alyssa, rolling it between them, Alyssa had never done this before, so I thought a football would be easier for her, bless her she looks so tiny next to a football.  She soon nudged the ball in random directions and Arthur passed it back, it's a great tool for establishing turn taking, and I hope to encourage the two of them to play together to help minimise squabbles in the future!

Ta da!

In goes the car

Look Alyssa!

And again!

Didn't last long!

The cars

Are you sure this ball is big enough?


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