Friday, 9 August 2013

Worm charming

Today was another hectic day of family visits and another birthday party for Arthur! I must remember to be more prepared for August next year and have a stash of presents bought/made!! 

Whilst visiting Nanna, we took advantage of her garden and tried to find some worms, her gardener had found one the previous day that was about six inches long and she wanted to show Arthur.  We tried digging and stomping on the ground to create vibrations to bring them to the surface, but unfortunately nothing.  We also sang 'Wiggily Woo', although our version was a bit shorter than this version, but Arthur did some great wriggling action whilst we sang, I think we scared the worms away rather than charmed them! Arthur was determined and we kept looking, when we finally gave up I showed Arthur Nanna's tomatoes she is growing and her cucumbers so that he can learn a bit more about where his food comes from. 

Stomping the ground

Hunting for worms

Mid 'Wiggle' dance

Nanna's tomatoes

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