Friday, 23 August 2013

Playing Doctors with Teddy

Had a lovely morning with Arthur playing doctors with his teddies, he dressed up in his doctors outfit, which is basically an old white shirt of mine, and used his doctors set he got for Christmas, along with a few extras like a cheap bandage and some plasters.  He had great fun listening with the stethoscope and  giving injections and medicine.  I then added some mark making practice by making a quick prescription pad for him, and an assesment chart/ patient record with an old clip board, I drew a picture of a person on and got him to mark where the patients pain was.  As head nurse obviously it was my job to then take notes for the Dr, asking him how much medicine is needed etc added some numbers in to the role play also. 

I then had a quick look on You Tube for the Skeleton dance to show and sing with Arthur to help him learn a bit about bones, Alyssa particularly enjoyed laughing at my dancing! She also by the end of the day managed to clap for the first time, it's so amazing to think something so simple to us now takes ages for them to master as babies.  I can't believe how fast she is growing and how interactive she is becoming.

After this Arthur started his new daily habit of asking to watch television, so as a diversion tactic I decided we should all go for a walk by the river, I decided to carry Alyssa in the baby carrier so we had more flexibility were to go and could go right down to the river Tamer, a good idea until I had to carry Arthur home up hill, luckily he is light!  I was lovely and refreshing to get out for a walk, getting Arthur to tell me what he sees, hears, including sharks and a pirate ship in the river, and hearing the birds singing.

Taking teddies temperature


Administering medicine

Listening to teddies belly

Taking notes

Prescription pad

Assessment form

Time for a walk

Storming ahead just like daddy!

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