Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Trains, trains and a trip to the museum!

This morning the two AJ's and I went on a group outing on the train to Plymouth to visit the museum. If you are planing a trip on the train as a group, make sure you check if you can get a group discount, our tickets worked out at half price as we traveled in a group of four after peek time! Arthur really enjoyed the train journeys, looking out the window with his friends, spotting animals and boats. Alyssa seemed to enjoy her first ever trip on a train as well as far as I could tell, her view from the pram was not as good as Arthur's but the other children helped entertain her. 

Once at the museum Arthur enjoyed looking in all the draws and touching and sniffing all the interactive displays,  the museum really is an underrated little treasure of knowledge and fun for children, all for FREE!  They also have a free activities on regularly for various ages.

Later in the afternoon I set up some train based play,  Arthur was lucky enough to receive a convertables book for Christmas that lays out flat to become a train track, or stands up to become a play train, so I laid out the track and put a couple of toy trains on it for him and Alyssa to share.  I then set up some of his teddies and his ride on Henry hoover, to look like a train so he could pretend to be a conductor, driver or passenger.  We then ended up using the book at the front of the train, he really enjoyed driving the train to the sea, field, through tunnels, wherever his imagination took him!  It's great to how their little minds work, especially when he said about driving to the beach to build sandcastles.

Money toy

Pushing buttons

Opening drawers

More drawers
Sheep skull

Hello Mr Fox

Through the magnifying glass
My first train journey

Watching the world go by!

Teddy train

Train track
Train driver Arthur
Passenger Arthur

Alyssa joining in

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