Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aliens and astronauts

What with a space themed birthday party yesterday, and the yearly Perseid meteor shower this weekend, I decided today should have space themed activities. 

I started off using some black card and some stickers from yesterday's party to create a space scene.  I love stickers as they help work Arthur's pincer grip, helpful for writing, and let him be creative and make decisions as were they go.  Arthur also received a magazine from his Nanna yesterday that luckily had a monster theme, I figured these could easily be aliens so we decorated and made the mobile.  This could easily be done using foam shapes, googly eyes and stickers, Arthur soon destroyed his once finished though.  We also used the cover to make a rocket with changing alien characters inside, a simple fun idea that can easily be recreated for any theme. 

I was a little bit lazy as well and made a very simple rocket using a milk bottle and tin foil, and let Arthur decorate with stickers, again I am glad I didn't spend ages on it, as after flying it around a bit he soon ripped the foil off, and Alyssa enjoyed playing with my foil planet.  We also pretended to be astronauts in space by doing a really silly slow walk around the front room, Arthur gave me an alien makeover, and we sang songs: Five little men , The man in the moon, twinkle twinkle little star. 

We also had a lovely picnic in the park with some family and friends, Arthur enjoyed the slides and mini zip wire!

Changeable rocket template

In action


Mobile aliens!
Sticker art
The magazine
Mummies alien makeover!
Eating a 'planet!'

Space rocket

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