Sunday, 25 August 2013

A medieval day!

After Arthur received his toy knights from granny and grandad yesterday, knights have been the topic of conversation, and king Arthur.  So today we decided to take Arthur to Buckland Abbey to look for knights, we were hoping to see some Armour on display or some pictures.  When we arrived we were lucky enough to find out that they were having a medieval weekend with people in costume and various extra hands on displays. 

Arthur got a chance to try making marks with a quill and ink, and look at various sets of Armour. He also saw some medieval style cooking, and tried a medieval cup and ball game.  Alyssa enjoyed getting involved and touching various plants and a wild boar skin, as well as just enjoying the sights and sounds. 

Whilst looking around the abbey he enjoyed looking at the boats,  and a giant statue of Sir Francis Drake, and all the displays in the kitchen.  We managed to get through the abbey in record time as Arthur was over excited and running from room to room, but at least he was having fun.

Once home we looked at a pop up knight book, I read the story of the sword in the stone with Arthur, and used a cardboard sword from his dress up box and a bean bag covered in a blanket to re create the sword in the stone, King Arthur of course was the only one able to retrieve the sword!  I also used a plastic cup and a pom pom to make a toddler safe cup and ball game. 

Arthur learnt some new words today, and saw some new sights, we were very lucky that the event was happening on the day we decided to go, and It is such a lovely place with lots of estate walks and a trails.

Quill writing


Wild boar


Medieval kithenware

Medieval style cooking

Knight on the wall

A medieval banquet

Cup and ball game

Reading time

Sword in the stone

King Arthur

Trying the game

"King Arthur and Mike the Knight"

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