Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mini maracas and cup shakers part 2

Very short post today, today we painted the instruments,  Arthur painted himself as well of course.  We just used normal ready mixed paint, and once dry I will paint with PVA glue to varnish.  Arthur was in a very strange mood today, very volatile and prone to tantrums at the slightest thing, the joys of the terrible twos.  It took me quite a while to convince Arthur to join me in painting which is unusual for him, all he wanted to do all day was watch television, which I wouldn't let him do, causing another tantrum.  I tend to try and limit his television viewing as I don't like how zombified he becomes, he zones out and is totally un-responsive unless you block his view, of course then he just leans to try and look around you!  It was quite fitting then, that he only seemed interested in using the colour black whilst painting, even though I put all the colours out on the pallette.   Hopefully he will be tantrum free tomorrow. 

Painting the shakers

Black, black black!

Alyssa playing with the paper

On to painting the hands!

More black!

Finished maracas

Finished shakers

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