Monday, 12 August 2013

Gel Boards

This morning we had a lovely family day out to the Eden project, and Arthur had great fun looking for bees and butterflies, and running around!

When we got home we had a hour to spare before tea was ready, so I decided to try something I had been saving for a quick fix!  I recently found a blog post on DIY Gel boards, and it reminded me of my recent post no mess fun with paint.  So this afternoon I grabbed a sandwich bag, a piece of card and some cheap (15p) hair gel bought specifically for this activity, I then drew some shapes, numbers and names on the board to help give Arthur some things to try and copy. 

Alyssa really responded to this much more than Arthur, I think he was still too hyped up from the days outing.  But he did attempt a few shapes, great for writing practice and asked me to draw him and daddy so enjoyed it.  I would definitely recommend zip lock rather than press seal bags though as it did leak a little!

The finished board

Getting stuck in!

Drawing shapes

Squidgy fun

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