Friday, 16 August 2013

Mini assualt course

Today was mainly spent in the city centre doing a spot of shopping, so apart from handing cards to shop workers to 'pay' for items, I can be particularly dull for a two year old, Alyssa is lucky and can just sleep through most of it in the pram.  So when we got home, Arthur had a ton of energy pent up that he needed to burn off,  I quickly got into action turning our front room into a mini assault course and let him go wild! 

 Arthur enjoys going between the two armchairs into his 'cave,' especially if he is running away from you when your trying to get him dressed! So I pulled these away from the wall a it so he could crawl behind them to get out, lay a washing airer on the floor for him to jump over the rungs, then set up the dining room chairs for him to weave between.  His favourite part was the pile of cushions to crash into though!

It was great fun, and I could sit and relax and watch him with a cup of tea whilst he ran off some of his energy, which otherwise would have been used causing chaos!  Alyssa had fun playing with the Gel board from a previous post prodding and squidging and generally amusing herself.  So hopefully all that running around and walking around lots of shops, will mean I may get a lie in in the morning! Well a mum can dream can't she?

Airer jumping

Jumping on the sofa

'The cave'

Coming the other way

The gel board

The best bit!

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