Monday, 5 August 2013

Pom poms are not just for crafting!

After seeing a blog yesterday by Babes in Deutschland on busy bags, I decided this morning to work on Arthur's fine motor skills with Pom poms.  I didn't have a pair of big plastic tweezers,  like the first activity, but I did have chopsticks!  It was great fun watching Arthur try and use the chop sticks, I did  feel a bit mean, but soon he developed his own unique technique and managed after a few attempts each time, to pick up them up.  We also worked on colour recognition and sorting, counting, and generally throwing the pom poms everywhere!! We also used the to toilet rolls to drop them through and Alyssa thoroughly enjoyed exploring and tasting the larger pom poms.

Here are also a couple of other activities I have found that they can be used for, get inspired!

1. Pom pom hockey amazing idea that I can't wait to try!!
2. Pom Pom football why didn't I think of that!
3. Pom pom racing may have to wait till Alyssa is older!

I did it!


Neatly in bowls

Lined up for counting

Almost there!

Got it!

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