Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Blackberries and ball pools

I have a memory of being younger and going blackberry picking with my mum and enjoying apple and blackberry crumble for dessert later that day!  We recently noticed the blackberries around our house are starting to come in already, and in this house we like anything that's free!  So on the way home from nursery today I showed Arthur some blackberries and got him to help me spot them and pick them.  It's a great way of showing children where food comes from, teaching about nature, and teaching colours, "not the red ones, the black ones!" and counting.  Our first gathering of the season came to a Chinese takeaway tub full, although a few got lost in somebodies mouth before he managed to get them into the tub!  I didn't manage to get any photos of up picking as I had no free hands, but I do have photos from the rest of the afternoon, spent playing music, if you can call the noise created music, whilst singing nursery rhymes, and hanging out in the ball pool. The afternoon was completed very strangely by a light saber wielding dinosaur thanks to a rummage through the dress up box! Overall a great afternoon of my two favourite things, food and creativity!

The berries

Shaky shake!

I may need some ear plugs!

Other brand boxes are available!

Taste test

Tight squeeze!

The dinosaur


  1. Sounds like a fab (and successful) day! We did some classics today too- made rice crispie cakes and did some junk modelling. I still struggle to stay involved with kids activities with all my daily errands hanging over me...I must make more effort. Great ideas on here - I'll be back!!!

  2. Thank you Maria, your day sounds lovely too. I keep meaning to try junk modelling with Arthur, buy he is too impatient with glue drying and will often move objects he's glued before they've dried. I think I may have found a solution with my new sticky boards though. Daily errands do get in the way here also unfortunately, but I try my best to squeeze it all in during nap times, providing they play along and nap together!!