Sunday, 11 August 2013

If I had a hammer!

Daddy was doing a little bit of building work this morning, and knowing how Arthur likes to copy his daddy, I decided to get out the building blocks, mega blocks and tools and have a building theme for the morning. 

It was great fun watching Arthur Sawing and hammering, telling me he was building a ladder for daddy and a house amongst other things.  A great exploration into the way Arthur's imagination works.  It is also a great tool for working on motor skills.  Alyssa had fun exploring the tools and bricks, mainly using all of them as substitute teethers! But still she is learning how to pick things up and working on her grasp which will work the muscles in her hands. 

The mega blocks also became useful for talking about colours "can you pass me a blue brick please?" etc.  Sorting into piles was fun for me, thanks to my slight OCD tendancy, however very difficult with a toddler, who's main aim was to spread the bricks over as much carpet as possible! But it is a good way practicing colours and numbers by separating into number of bumps on top. 

I also manged to, as usual, add some singing into the day!  I found a lovely little website Everything preschool that had some building related songs to build on language, and physical development with some of the actions!! I also found on Pinterest a lovely page linking to ways to teach maths, language and all sorts of other things with building blocks and construction toys, a definite save for future that one!

I personally had a cheeky bit of fun with the bricks once Arthur went down for a nap so fun day all round!


Oooh bricks

Spanner needed



Mummy having fun!!

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