Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leaf printing and play dough creatures

Apologies for the late posting, but something very rare happened last night.  I actually had a bit of a social life last night in the form of a movie at a friends, so was unable to post. 

When we went for the walk on the Wednesday I picked up some leaves for Arthur to do some leaf printing, knowing how much he loves messing with paint!  I thought it would be a great tool for talking about greens and browns to strengthen his colour knowledge, as well as describing the leaves, shiny, smooth, rough, crinkly etc.  Of course in typical Arthur style he also ended up painting himself AGAIN!!

Alyssa also had fun exploring the leaves, waving them, scrunching them and exploring the different textures.  I also gave her a make up brush and a piece of paper to pretend paint with as she was interested in copying her big brother.  I would have let her have paint, but with her eczema flaring at the moment I didn't want to risk aggravating it, but she didn't seem to mind.

After the leaf painting Arthur asked for the play dough, so I got that, and the newly found legs from the scrap store visit and let him create.  I have started keeping odd bits like candles, bun cases and googly eyes with the play dough all the time now so he can do a bit more with it.  I need to organise a better storage system for it all though!

Green on brown

The two Aj's together




Adding eyes


Legs from the scrapstore

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