Friday, 30 August 2013

Robot costume making

Arthur had a friend come and play today, and he was doing his usual robot impression using Alyssa's treasure box, and his friend joined in also, apparently enjoying robots too.  So I grabbed the silver card from the craft room and made a simple robot outfit for both of them in minutes with just a stapler, and they had great fun doing their "I am a robot!" impressions.  

Once Arthur's friend had left I sat him down with some scraps and a glue stick and let him customise his robot a bit, adding buttons and things.  It was great seeing him get exicted about his costume.  So much so that I didn't manage to get him to stay still enough to get a good picture!  That's another one to add to the dressing up box for future fun and games.

Head may be a bit big!!

All the pieces

Adding the buttons

Laid out flat

Being a robot!

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