Sunday, 1 September 2013

Green fingers!

Today Granny was tidying up the weeds in her garden and Arthur wanted to help.  So I grabbed his gardening set, popped Alyssa in the high chair with some toys in the shade, and we set to it!  To begin with Arthur was half, help half hindrance.  Picking up weeds, but not putting them in the tub, flinging them everywhere.  So we gave him a special job of filling the tub up for us, using his strong legs to crouch down and pick them up as we couldn't do it. 

We then found a lovely green insect that looked like a little green leaf, Arthur found this very fascinating and suddenly decided he wanted to find worms! We have yet to manage this feet since the last worm hunt.  So he was digging here and there to no avail.  Then granny gave him a job of clearing the ivy from near the bottom of the the steps, whilst pulling we talked about the story of the 'The enormous turnip' and the similarities as he struggled with some of the tougher bits, as well as getting his rake stuck in a tree just for the fun of seeing it hanging all by itself.  

After a lot of hard work it was time for lunch and nap, whilst they slept I decided to tackle the patch of ground at the front of our house and neaten it up a bit.  I found hundreds of worms! Typical that Arthur was not there, so when he woke up we went worm hunting quickly in the front, he finally saw his worm, although it was very small, and giggled and shrank away when I told him to touch it, but he was happy watching it wriggle on the stone and singing 'wiggly woo.'

Just need to tackle the back tomorrow now to balance it out a bit!!

Little man and his tools

Leaf bug (soldier bug?)

Clearing the Ivy

Hanging the rake

Busy at work
Digging for worms

Watching 'Wiggly woo'

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