Saturday, 28 September 2013

Family foraging fun!

We love two things in this family, food and things that are free, so what better way to combine the two than a family foraging day.  We headed out into the woods, we found some elderberries and some sweet chestnuts.  Whilst picking up the chestnuts, Daddy found a mushroom on a tree, it was a poisonous one so we didn't touch it, we also aren't brave enough to pick any mushrooms as we don't know very much about them.  In the same area was a fallen tree, Daddy got his phone out to use as a torch to look inside and we found a Geocache, which was a fantastic suprise.  I would love to take the children Geocaching properly, but I don't have a good enough phone for the app or a GPS system.

After a stop off at home for lunch and a change of clothes from the rain,  we then headed out to the field to look for more things, blackberries, hazelnuts and more elderberries.  Arthur had great fun searching for the nuts on the ground, and eating the blackberries as fast as we could find them.  I think foraging is a great activity for a family, it's educational, it makes a walk in the fresh air a lot more exciting an interesting, and you come home with something at the end of it, for free!  

All set to forage

Common puffball mushroom

Surprise geocache

Elderberries ready for freezing

Keeping dry with mummy


Finding an acorn

The best use of wellies

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