Thursday, 5 September 2013

Snails races and and a giant snail for lunch!

Arthur found some snails and some empty snail shells whilst we were out the field on Tuesday, and brought the shells home with him, he found them again this morning and got really excited.  After playing with the shells for a little bit, and dressing up as a snail whilst I finished washing the dishes, I suggested he use the shells with his play dough to make some snails. He greatly enjoyed pushing them around on the table making them race, and climb all over mummy!

Whilst doing this I taught him a little song I found:

Shim, Shim, Shimmy
Written by Nancy Foss
Sing to the tune of "London Bridges".
Make a snail trail
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Make a snail trail
Follow me
Shim, Shim, Shimmy

It was lovely seeing him walk around with the toy snail later saying "shim shim shim."

I also got a bit of creative movement into the day by rolling up a curtain to make a shell, and balancing it on his back, whilst getting him to 'shimmy' along the floor, then we both lay on the floor and had snail races back and fourth across the front room.

Finally to keep him amused whilst I prepared dinner of a 'Giant Snail Sandwich', I quickly drew a snail on some paper and covered it in sticky back plastic, and gave him some paper scraps to decorate the shell. Unfortunately on returning I found a mess of paper and an unstuck snail, but he seemed to have fun!  And unfortunately my culinary efforts were not enjoyed, he ate the olives and nothing else.

Playing in the kitchen

Apparently dressed as a snail

Play dough fun

Play dough snails

Snail shimmying

Alyssa getting hands on

Sticking paper

Coming along at a snails pace!

Snail for lunch anyone?

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