Friday, 13 September 2013

Roald Dahl Day 2013

Friday 13th and Roald Dahl day means double the mischief!

One of my personal favourite Roald Dahl stories is Charlie and the chocolate factory, probably because I love chocolate, so as a special treat I bought Arthur (and mummy and daddy of course!!) a bar of chocolate, I was hoping to pick up an actual Willy Wonka bar, but couldn't find one!  So I made do with one of the new Cadbury's marvelous creations bars with pooping candy!  I broke the bar into pieces and hid it around the front room to get Arthur looking for it as a bit of a game, it was very funny at one point seeing him looking through a pile of toys, only for it to be on the arm of the chair right next to him!

After that, inspired by George's Marvelous medicine, We grabbed a load of random household products, like shampoo, baby oil, some flour and glitter and just went wild adding whatever Arthur wanted, by the end we ended up with a bucket of green apple scented gloop, with a hint of old menthol foot soak that had been sat in the bathroom cupboard for years!  It was fun reading that chapter of the book out loud for inspiration then searching round the house to see what we could add!

Anyway, back to the chocolate...

We then took an old Thornton's box and used play dough to make some 'chocolates' for a little trick for Granny, which she found very funny.  She then helped Arthur make some proper chocolates by melting some an re-moulding in special little silicone moulds, which Arthur greatly enjoyed eating when he returned from a nice afternoon walk in the rain.


Shhh! Don't tell him!! Hehe!

Adding some sparkle!

Arthur's marvelous medicine!

Making mischief!!

SHHHHHH! It's a secret!

Moulding chocolate

mmmmmmmm!! More chocolate!!

Arthur just can't wait!!

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