Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumnal sensory play

I decided to try and have a go at dying rice today for some autumnal sensory play, the weather outside is pretty wet and chilly looking and miserably grey, so I thought the day could do with some colour! 
I love Autumn colours, in fact I quite like Autumn in general, walks through crunchy leaves, wrapping up under a blanket in the evenings, soups,  it may have something to do with being born in September as well!

So whilst Arthur was out enjoying a muddy and wet walk with grandad and Benson the dog, I dyed some small amounts of rice using food colouring and remembering my colour mixing knowledge, I only did small amounts as I didn't want to waste lots of rice if it didn't work.  So by mixing the clouring into uncooked rice and leaving to dry, you create a wonderful sensory item, I put mine on a tray in a low oven to dry faster.  In an old biscuit tin I put the rice, some lentils, popcorn and coffee on one side, and conkers, pine cones, sweet wrappers and paper scraps on the other.  Arthur's granny bought him a Tree Fu Tom magazine over the weekend with a little toy Tom on the front, and it is Arthur's new favourite thing, so I decided to add that too, for a bit of fun along with a wind up bug that came with him.

Alyssa really responded to the activity and dragged the tin closer every time I tried to move it away from her, a favourite seemed to be the pine cones.  Arthur enjoyed making the rice rain down from a height and mixing everything together, as well as protecting Tom from Alyssa's grasp.  He also enjoyed smelling the coffee and helping to hoover up the mess afterwards.

Autumnal rice

More colours

The finished product

Getting stuck in!

I can see you..

It's raining rice!

Playing in peace

Helping clean up!

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