Saturday, 7 September 2013

Monster filled woods and Lunar landscapes!

After a visit to the library to pick up some more books in the morning, and the usual lunch time nap, it was time for a nice family walk, as daddy didn't have any DIY to do on the house for a change.  I love going for walks as a family, as Daddy is much better at naming trees and finding bugs then mummy, so they are always a little bit more interesting. 

We looked at different trees, and daddy found slugs and other bugs under a big rock.  He showed Arthur how to count the rings on a felled tree to find out how old it is, and showed him some different types of animal poos, every boys favourite subject! 

We are so lucky to live where we do, the Tamar Trails is just over the water from us, and it feels like a totally different place, not only do you have the woods but you also have the Great Devon Consols, which are described as a lunar lanscape.  It really is beautiful, and so many different walks that you can literally walk for hours, with so much to see, such a old mines, and tunnels. A great place to learn a bit about mining. 

As well as looking at all the different things, Arthur also enjoyed accidentally finding out he could make music, by banging a stick against a fallen tree, and telling us of monsters and Gruffalo's hiding in the woods.  I love listening to him talk and find out little nuggets of what is going on in his head, the first thing he said when we got to the woods in a hushed voice was, " *gasp* monsters.. shhhh, quiet!" and got very excited when daddy told him a den someone had made from branches was a monster home, but they were out! I can't wait for Alyssa to start talking too and joining in with his little games.

We ended the day with the first of our, hopefully regular Saturday Night Movie Nights, where we abandon all rules and sit in front of a family movie, huddled on the sofa under a blanket, eat our tea on our laps and stay up a bit later.  It's wishful thinking I know, but I'm hoping it will mean I won't have to get up with them at 6-7 am on a Sunday morning if the go to bed later than their usual 7pm bed time!


Looking at bugs

It's how old??

Taking a closer look at rabbit poo!

It was forecast rain!!

Such a dramatic change!

The Devon Consols

Arthur the mountain climber!

Old train tunnel


Nearly back to the car!

Brushing through the trees

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